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Quality Pigeon Supplies - Flanders Finest

Quality Pigeon Supplies (hereinafter QPS) is a Belgian trademark business founded in 2017 by Yannick Deridder also known as Flanders Collection. We act as distributors for complementary feed and - food for racing pigeons, representing the brand Flanders Finest. All 100% doping free.

The beginning

The kick-off was given after questions came from fanciers all over the world. Asking if  Yannick wouldn’t like to put his knowledge and expertise into his own professional Race- and Breeding mixes.
So Yannick turned to his drawing board, to create complementary mixes according to his ideology and vision. The guideline was developing mixes, considering the growing and tougher racing seasons with pigeons, that have to achieve top results week after week from 100 to 800km. Fast recovery and the need of high amount of proteins, fats and carbo hydrates were the key to meet this demand for energy.
This balance was found in mixes containing up to 24 different grains, which are fast digestible.
These different food mixtures were backed and approved after contemplating with close friends and top fanciers Dirk van den Bulck and Leo Heremans. After testing the mixes in the field at our top lofts, giving top references for Jan and Gustaaf de Bisschop, Dirk Van Den Bulck, Deridder-Vandenbrande, Yannick decided to move forward.  Flanders Finest was born. Later on we expanded our range to complementary feed for pigeons.


Our export business is increasing at a steady rate and is presently amounting to 80 % of our annual turnover. We are currently exporting to 20 countries all over the world. Our retailers are pet shops, grain shops, veterinary practices and pharmacies. Now the team got reinforced by Thibault Seiffert, and we are setting up retailers in Belgium and Europe.

Our mission

Is to keep on looking for the highest quality of raw materials to stay on top of the leader board. We try providing the best possible products and food mixes available on the market. Continuously researching in order to create new outstanding products. We believe assistance and service are the key to obtain maximum benefit from the use of our Flanders Finest products and mixes. Let us help you to use them the right way.